My Beautiful Easter Baby

SO… we recently bought a very expensive camera in anticipation of taking tons of pictures of the most beautiful (and intelligent) baby in all the world. When thinking about JT’s first Easter and how we would commemorate it, I really didn’t want to do the old mall Easter bunny pics that may or may not turn out too well, where JT may or may not be too thrilled about the furry beast, and where we may or may not spend a ton of money on the pictures. So I set out to do something that I have never tried before, taking and editing my own pictures. ¬†Please enjoy and take it easy on me …. I am just a beginner(noob). Hopefully the mere beauty of this baby will overcome my own inability.

I also want to wish everyone a very happy Easter weekend. Today is Good Friday and my thoughts have been on what was sacrificed for me. I have hope because he did rise again and he is no longer in the grave. If your hope and joy for life has been less than stellar lately, get to a church service this weekend and let your life be filled with a hope and peace that surpasses all understanding! Happy Easter! 

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2 Responses to “My Beautiful Easter Baby”

  1. great job!!!!! I love how they came out and great Idea!!!!!
    Praise God that HE did rise again!!!

  2. Angi you did a great job on the pics and you have such a great little guy

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