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I’m sure at some point I will completely disagree with this statement but here it goes. I ♥ maternity clothes.

A few weeks ago, my generous mother took me on my first trip to a maternity store. She spent way too much money on me and I came out of there with the scariest and most depressing clothes I could ever imagine. They had clasps and ties and buckles and numerous torture devices. So needless to say, the bag as well as the clothes inside them stayed in the corner of my closet…until today.

When I woke up today Jenkins (my 95 lb puppy) was in my king size bed spooning me.This meant one of two things. he was either really sick or there had been a thunderstorm. As soon as the lightning lit up the room, I knew why he was there. The minute my foot hit the floor I had a like mind with him. I just want to cuddle up to my puppy and husband and stay in bed. My minds goal…comfort. But I got out of bed and took my shower.

As I was looking for something to wear today, everything I came across was either getting to tight to wear for the next ten hours or completely unreasonable for me to wear. My irrational and insane mind actually reached for my favorite cable knit sweater that I wore nearly everyday last winter. I had an arguement with myself. The rational side of me ,but ever so rare these days, said “Angi, it’s 90 degrees out there. What are you thinking?” But my hormonal self said “I love this sweater. It is sooo comfy. Besides by the time winter rolls around and I can justify wearing it, I will be a whale and unable to fit.” Just then the gleam of the maternity bag, much like a shooting star,caught my eye.

I honestly could not remember what was in the shining maternity store bag. The first thing I pulled out was the underwear. When the sales lady first showed these to me, I was on the verge of tears. For Real. But this time when I looked at them, they looked like they had been crafted by angels out of angel skin. When the sales lady saw my face she assured me that I could roll or fold the underwear to my desired height and they would stay all day. She said that everyone that works there wears them and they aren’t pregnant. So I put them on this morning and rolled them to my desired height….they have not budged yet! Thank you God. This goes for my bra, shirt, and etc..

I can tell the difference in myself between yesterday and today. I think the clothes made all the difference. Yesterday I was irritable and miserable to be around. I don’t think an hour went by that I was not repenting for my attitude. Today…I am kind of like those angels that fashioned my underwear.

Lesson gabillion- Wear maternity clothes early and often!

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