Close encounters of the Third Day kind!

I must at least comment on the Third Day concert that had my blood pressure up last Friday in anticipation of said concert. It was FANTASTIC! Please make an effort to get to one if they are in your area.

My husband bought me these tickets, which were in the fourth row, for my birthday. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was very excited but it went to a whole other level of excitement after  their new album (Revelation) came out in the last days of July. I love all of their cds but this one seemed to go back to their southern rock basics. I really recommend getting a copy. It is my favorite since Wired came out.

So we got there and went to find our seats. I have never been in the pavilion before so as we walked through the first check point a little smile came over my face. But as we walked further and further up to our seats I had a full on cheesy grin because I had never seen a concert(especially from my favorite band) that close up before. I told Jimmy later that I wanted to enter the pavilion through every entrance just so that I could feel important. Sadly, Jimmy did not agree.

Every band that we saw was amazing. Jars of Clay, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Switchfoot, and Third Day. I really was surprised by Switchfoot. I was not a huge fan of their music before but now I am at least a fan. Their show was ridiculously cool. At one point the lead singer came out into the audience, five feet away from us, and sang all throughout the pavilion. He would go to one section and sing for a few minutes then on to another. He even went all the way to the back of the pavilion and sang for the people in the lawn. Third Day was of course the highlight of the show. I love their music, but they give such a great performance and really get the crowd involved in it. This was the first time I had ever seen anyone pray in Jesus’ name on that stage. It was a great thing to see. They played a lot of my favorite songs. You can see the set list in my picture section.

The coolest thing about this concert was how incredibly close we were to the band. Soon after finding our seats I realized that Third Day and Switchfoot were hanging out on the side stage watching Jars and Robert Randolph. As soon as I realized they were there I grabbed Jimmy’s knee and whispered in a loud voice, “That’s Mark”, gasp,”There’s Tai where is Mac?” When Mac showed up I was over the moon excited. They were seriously 15-20 feet from us. Now imagine me with that creepy grin on my face trying to get pictures while they stood there listening to the other bands and talking and joking with each other.  But as soon as they realized that I was trying to get pictures they turned, waved, smiled, and posed for all of us who were being creepy stalkers.  This close encounter of Third Day burst my bubble of joy and excitement for the show to come. After awhile I started paying attention to the bands that were on the stage…but I still kept a stalker eye on them to make sure that they were still there.

After RR&TFB finished their set the backstage crew disipated and Jimmy and I decided to go look around at the different booths and try to find some ear plugs. I was still elated from the close encounter of the Third Day kind but wishing that I could have got the whole band in my picture. The drummer(David) was no where to be seen the whole time. We looked all over the dag-on place to find the first aid tent. We went and asked one of the security guards who was guarding the entrance to the tour bus lot. As my husband was listening to this guard about directions, someone with a gaggle of people behind him(his family) came and stood beside me. As I looked over, the first thing I saw was the all access pass hanging out of his pocket. Then as I got a good look at this guy standing right next to me I realized who it was. It was David(the drummer). I tried to elbow Jimmy nonchalantly to get him to shut up and let the guard do his work. But David stood there patiently and shot me a quick smile. I didn’t say anything, get a picture, shake his hand…nothing. I just smiled back because I really didn’t know what else to do. (I think I know how Rhonda felt when she met Amy Grant) So these moments I will probably remember more a year from now than I will the actual set. It was way cool to me…the big dork, with a creepy cheesy grin, behind the camera. BTW…This could have been anyone, but it sure looked like David to me!

I think the most touching part of the concert ws meant for me to see. Since we sat right up next to the stage we were right by the signer and the deaf attendees. At one point early in the night while everyone was sitting down listening to RR&TFB I looked over and saw one of the deaf attendees standing alone worshipping God. It hit me right then that he can’t even hear the music. This might seem funny to a lot of people…but it really touched me. So many times in church(especially the worship team) we get so concerned about the music and the songs and how they are played or sung that it distracts us from what is really important…the worship and praise of God. I can guarentee you he felt the rythym and rumblings of the band as we were so close to the speakers, but he couldn’t hear the music. He knew the words and was signing them just like we would sing them. I was so inspired by him. I was so grateful that God let me see that and used him to tell me something. Waiting for the next lesson…

Third Day on the third day contest!

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  1. Great review!!! I’ve seen Third Day over 30 times now and I get excited for EVERY single show! In fact I am counting the days until my next show (15 more days!)
    I’m so glad you got to run into the guys. They are the nicest people! Looking forward to seeing your pictures!

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