I recognize that kind of crazy!

Nausea, fatigue, tender breasts, bloating, frequent urination, food cravings or aversions….these are all tell tale signs of pregnancy. Most women experience these symptoms after a missed period and can tell that they are pregnant. But not me. Before I even missed my monthly I knew. I remember saying to myself…”I recognize that kind of crazy!”

It is the crazy that makes you roll your window down and alert the not so safe or caring drivers that you have a small child in your car. And advise them to take more precautions because if they wreck into you and harm your child, you would be obligated to follow them home and throw each person that they care about down a flight of stairs. Though I’m sure you would say this in a more polite manner than I.

It is also the crazy that makes you sob loudly because you missed the one day only Old Navy $1 Flip-flop sale. And you don’t even really need anymore flippy-floppys.

These are my alarm bells. But it seems that none of these instances are mentioned in the books under early symptoms of pregnancy. If you can’t tell from my previous posts. I hate the books. No, I can’t use the word hate. I loathe the books. They say that you will have nausea rather than saying you will be sick all day every day. You will feel sick before you eat, while you are eating, and after you eat. No amount of crackers is going to change this. They say that you will be tired rather than say you will fall asleep at 7:30 every night and still be tired when you wake up the next day. They say that you may have aversions to foods or their smells. They don’t say that one foul smelling item can ruin your entire week. Oh, and people will think this is funny and continually laugh and joke about it thus bringing back to your memory, and then you vomit in your mouth a little. Yeah, real funny jerks!

Since becoming pregnant with number two, I have added a few more annoying things to my list along with gum chewers, whistlers, and people who moo at pregnant people.
1. People who talk on their cell phone while driving AT 7AM! It annoys me enough that you are on the phone while driving hence paying no attention to those around you but who in the world are you talking to? What could you possibly need to discuss that can’t wait until you arrive at work. It is 7:00 in the morning. Unless you have an immediate family member living over seas and this is the only time that your schedules match up there is absolutely no need to be on the phone. If you call me before 9am on my cell phone…I’m sorry but I don’t think our friendship is going to work out. I don’t even talk to my husband before 9am. I certainly don’t want to speak to anyone else unless there is an emergency.
2. If I order a large fry, I want a large fry dagnabbit. I don’t want a medium fry in a large fry box. I realize you use the same scooper for all the sizes but sometimes you have to scoop more than once. The next time this happens, I might demand the extra 35 cents back that I paid to get the large. I might even throw the fries back in their face. We’ll just have to see how the day is going.
3. I am jealous of people who get to sleep later than I do. I’ll admit it, I’m a sinner. I covet their ability to sleep in. As I roll to the daycare and then to work at 7am I drive by all these houses where everyone has two cars still in the driveway. People are out for a bike ride. Some are watering flowers. Who has time for this? When do they have to be at work, noon? I barely have time to eat breakfast. And by breakfast I mean grab a banana and granola bar. I wake up at 5:30. What unearthly hour do you have to wake up to have time for a bike ride? I day dream about a leisurely morning. One that involves the paper and hot chocolate while listening to the birds sing. My morning on the other hand involves lots of crying and barking and an all out circus with the elephants and clowns. If I am lucky, I get to work on time. And then I think about all those still in bed and I cry!

Ok, I will attempt to bottle up my crazy now and appear normal. Until next time…

Here is my most recent favorite picture of James. He is almost 17 months.

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2 Responses to “I recognize that kind of crazy!”

  1. Congratulations on baby #2! James is one delicious little man. So cute.

    You need to blog more, I always laugh out loud when I read your posts!

  2. haha great blog! Makes me feel like i’m not the only one. Number 2 is hilarious!

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