Last night we had a small birthday party for my big boy James. He turned one yesterday and although we are having his big birthday celebration later, we wanted to do something for him last night as well.

So we gave him cupcakes!

This is a boy who has never had more sugar than an organic banana cookie. The look on his face when he realized that it was all for him was priceless.

He’s never known a love like this before!

I think he went a little crazy, sugar crazy. He was in a head-on collision with yellow cake and delicious frosting!

Right after this he took whatever was in his hands and smeared it onto the back of his head. The leftover crumbs from that experiment rolled down his back and he immediately leaned back against the chair in order to coat himself in chocolate. I like his style.
Can you see Jenkins lurking in the background. He is circling James as if he is a shark that has smelled blood. Poor neglected Jenkins!

I took him straight to the bathtub. He needed some good quality time with Mr. Wally C. Duck and friends.

We finished the night out with letting him finally play with his way too expensive toy that he will grow out of in six months.

But who cares about the money, the toy was a hit!

And I know that I keep telling you how brilliant he is, but I’ve decided to include this picture of him reading his own birthday card to prove it to you!

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3 Responses to “Cake!”

  1. precious!! sorry we missed it !!

  2. Good stuff !! Chocolate-covered baby…too funny!!

  3. Sheila forwarded your blog to me at work – just wanted to acknowledge! We will try to make it on Saturday (let your mom know), but will have to keep an eye on the weather. Love to all!

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