I am having a Skelator!

Well it is definitely a boy…no I’m just kidding. We stuck to our plan and didn’t find out the sex. We did have our ultrasound last Friday and yes, I am just now getting around to writing about it. I was excited all last week about seeing my baby since the last time I had […]

I now understand why pregnant women want to divorce their husbands.

I am now fully ready to admit at nearly 15 weeks pregnant that I am in fact insane. It seems so early to come to that determination, but my suspicion is that I have been insane from week 3 on. The night before I found out that I was pregnant I was seriously thinking about […]

Mood Swings

I’m sure at some point I will completely disagree with this statement but here it goes. I ♥ maternity clothes. A few weeks ago, my generous mother took me on my first trip to a maternity store. She spent way too much money on me and I came out of there with the scariest and […]

Close encounters of the Third Day kind!

I must at least comment on the Third Day concert that had my blood pressure up last Friday in anticipation of said concert. It was FANTASTIC! Please make an effort to get to one if they are in your area. My husband bought me these tickets, which were in the fourth row, for my birthday. […]

5 Month Appointment

So I had my monthly OB appointment yesterday and thought I would update everyone at one time. Well as you may or may not know I have turned crazy. I wonder if this is how high maintenance people feel because I am usually calm and can’t understand the things that I am doing. I sat […]