Baby Purr or Gremlin?

This is my child. He might be a Mogwai. Please do not feed him after midnight or get him wet. We do not want gremlins running around our house.

My Story- Day Two

As I was still looking out the window at 5:30am, my nurse came in to wake me up and give me time to take a shower. I asked her to wake me up the night before because I was sure that the Ambien would knock me out and I would sleep until it was time […]

What I have realized about the ninth month of pregnancy…

Here are some of my observations. I hope they help in your journey. Now that your belly has grown so much that the skin around it is stretched to the limit, your body must find other ways in which to look ridiculous. At this point, you already have the stretch marks, the baseball size nipples, […]

20 Reasons to have a baby (or not)

Because it is the next logical step in your ever so boring planned out life. Don’t worry, a baby will bring you tons of excitement oh and ruin all of your plans. Because you have just turned 16 and told that you can no longer play with dolls. Because you want to be just like […]

You never really lived until…

You’ve been punched in the bladder Massaged your own butt while grocery shopping because your sciatic nerve was being pinched and you had to get the shopping done. Made an art out of building a fortress of pillows around your ever expanding body. Any one who messes with these pillows must be hurt badly in […]

Baby Expo / Do you really want to hurt me?

Baby expos….ahhh baby expos. There is nothing quite like being in a huge concentration of highly hormonal and insane women. But before you rush off this weekend to find an expo in your area, please take heed and read this carefully. First I must give you some background on my mother and why she would […]

Stinky Feet

My reason for writing these recent blogs is threefold. To have a record of my insanity for laughs and memories when I am not pregnant and can really appreciate these times. To have a forum to voice my craziness where I don’t have to see the terrified look on others faces as I tell these […]

I am having a Skelator!

Well it is definitely a boy…no I’m just kidding. We stuck to our plan and didn’t find out the sex. We did have our ultrasound last Friday and yes, I am just now getting around to writing about it. I was excited all last week about seeing my baby since the last time I had […]

I now understand why pregnant women want to divorce their husbands.

I am now fully ready to admit at nearly 15 weeks pregnant that I am in fact insane. It seems so early to come to that determination, but my suspicion is that I have been insane from week 3 on. The night before I found out that I was pregnant I was seriously thinking about […]

Mood Swings

I’m sure at some point I will completely disagree with this statement but here it goes. I ♥ maternity clothes. A few weeks ago, my generous mother took me on my first trip to a maternity store. She spent way too much money on me and I came out of there with the scariest and […]