Last night we had a small birthday party for my big boy James. He turned one yesterday and although we are having his big birthday celebration later, we wanted to do something for him last night as well. So we gave him cupcakes! This is a boy who has never had more sugar than an […]

Baby Purr or Gremlin?

This is my child. He might be a Mogwai. Please do not feed him after midnight or get him wet. We do not want gremlins running around our house.

Could you use a smile?

How could this little gummy smile not brighten your day. Smile, James loves you!

Labor Coach Rule #1: No Yawning

I was originally going to call this episode of the series “My Story- The worst three hours of my life”, but since my last post something has happened that was much worse than I could ever imagine and truly became the worst hours of my life, which is why it has taken me so long […]

10 Signs That You Have Mommy Brain

1.  Ever since having a baby, when calling people and pets by their names, your accuracy has been way off.  Honestly, you don’t even realize you are calling people by the wrong name until it is pointed out to you. Even then, you argue that the persons’ name really should be whatever you called them […]

My Story- Day Two

As I was still looking out the window at 5:30am, my nurse came in to wake me up and give me time to take a shower. I asked her to wake me up the night before because I was sure that the Ambien would knock me out and I would sleep until it was time […]

My Story- Day One

It is finally my turn. I now officially have a story! You know the story I’m talking about. The story that all mothers feel obligated to tell every expectant mom when she is nine months pregnant and feeling anxious and overwhelmed from the imminent body splitting torture she is sure to endure. I now realize […]